Tighten Your Twitter Plan

Twitter can be your best friend for communicating but it can also become a dark hole of political intrigue and hours sucked into reading tweets. So how do you tighten up your plan for twitter? These 3 steps will help you avoid the pitfalls.

  1. Dedicate Twitter to Your Business.
    If you already have a personal Twitter account you’ll need to open a new account for your business. This account should be used just for your business. That means you won’t be following and commenting on your favorite sports team (unless your business is sports). You won’t be trading recipes or hanging on every word of Hollywood stars.
  2. ID and Follow Leaders in Your Field.
    You should start out following thought leaders in your field. If you’re a plumber follow Kholer. If you’re a baker follow Pilsbury. Then add some other businesses that align with you– follow complimentary businesses (a plumber may want to follow local hardware suppliers).
  3. Stay On Point
    Post your current business news. Search Twitter for tending tweets on topic with your business and retweet with comments. Subscribe to news services and set them to receive news on topics in your field, then tweet with a link.

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