Lifestyle Photos for Instagram and Your Blog Posts

If you’re going to post on Instagram or write a blog you’re going to need some lifestyle photos. What are these? They’re photos of your products or services in scenes that will connect with your target market (ie. the people who will buy the product or use the service). The best way to describe lifestyle photos is that they give off a vibe of and fit a consistent genre of lifestyle like…

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Selling on Instagram: First Move Is To Switch Up to a Professional Account

It’s not enough to have a shopping cart on your website. The next step to increasing sales is to showcase your products in photos on Instagram. The first move to linking your Instagram account to sales on your website is to make it a professional account.

Follow these simple steps.

  • Pick up your phone, open up the Instagram app, and go to your profile (click the small round image icon at the bottom right of the screen)
  • Click the EDIT PROFILE button
  • Click the blue link “Switch to a Professional Account”
  • Click on NEXT in the BUSINESS box
  • Then press the blue CONTINUE button.
  • You’ll be asked to connect to a Facebook Page… yes, do this. But remember you’re connecting to your business page not your personal Facebook profile.

Once these steps are completed you’ll see a message that you have more tools. That means that once your website’s shop is connected to a Facebook catalog you can then start to tag products in the photos you post on Instagram. LET THE SELLING BEGIN!

4 Web Marketing Tips: LinkedIn for Writers

LinkedIn is an easy and effective way for Writers to stay connected with their associates in the industry.  Writing is both a service (ghost writer, journalist, etc.) and a product (published articles, new book, etc.). While LinkedIn won’t put a download a book, it’s an important tool for Writers to build a network of colleagues and open the door to new opportunities for publication Continue reading “4 Web Marketing Tips: LinkedIn for Writers”