Blogging for Self Publishing

Blogging for self publishing

Blogs aren’t just for daily journal entries. Where did that idea come from? Blogging for self publishing authors is an essential part of marketing a book, and is part of the process of getting a book to print.

Blogging Reveals Yourself

Every author has a voice and blogging is a great way to introduce your readers to your writing style and your personal voice as an author.

Blogging For Authors Is Good Practice

If you’re writing a book or self publishing you may not have other opportunities to practice the art of writing. Journalists and copy writers spend a great amount of time everyday honing their craft. Writing short blog articles helps to hone the writers style, editing skills, and getting a story from mind to “paper.”

Blogging Chronicles the Journey

Rome wasn’t built in a day and it’s likely that your book won’t be magically written overnight. You’re going to start the adventure of a lifetime. Start engaging your audience now by blogging about what you do along the way — days when you have writer’s block and what you do to solve it, character development, non-fiction writers may want to share information or data they research or authorities in their field they consult. Readers will love reading about the unique path your book takes to publication.

Blogging for Self Publishing Oils the Publicity Machine

In today’s publishing world, every author must be a promoter too. (self-publishing company)

Blogging for self publishing is the beginning of marketing. Whether you’re an author seeking a publishing deal  or you plan to self publish, you’re going to have yourself “out there” and do a lot of your own publicity and marketing. Starting your blog now shows you’re connecting with your potential readers and you’re already working toward book sales.


Time to Catch Up on Blog Posts

We had a tornado or a “macroburst” last week that took down trees and took out power. Design to Spec was back in business the same day after starting the generator. Electricity was restored within 5 days and we’re all good.

Last summer I discovered what happens when you don’t post. People think you’re dead. Well maybe not that extreme, but they do think you’re out of business. I slowed down on posting over the summer and new queries started off by asking if I was in business!  During that time…

  • I got new glasses from an online service. (They are awesome!)
  • I continued to go to CrossFit 3 times a week.
  • My family put up with me implementing the The Life‑Changing Magic of Tidying Up
  • As part of tidying I started posting old photos to a Facebook group (share them with the world rather than store in boxes)
  • Went to a fabulous wedding
  • Saw a punk rock concert in New York City
  • Supported Houston Flood relief

And yes, I was still in business taking on new clients and launching websites. While I was living and working (still alive and in business), the bulk of my projects were “for hire” from marketing agencies, so much like my new glasses — they were awesome, but agency gets the show-off rights.

Let your customers and clients know how you’re doing and what you’re doing. Let’s stay in touch. Catch up on blog posts. I promise I’ll write more. Will you?