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Skip The Thesauraus For WordPress SEO

Sometimes web writing and creative writing are opposite corners of the SEO battle. It’s may seem like writing with style and flare is the right way to add pizzazz to your website. But in real life it doesn’t sound smart

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Chose Clear Words – It’s Good For SEO

I first offered up this advice for web writing under the title “Be Specific Get Found” back in 2011 and it’s still relevant today as Google changes it’s algorithm, Bing encroaches on the share of searches, and mobile friendly has become the norm.

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Work to Publish Blog Posts – Don’t Let Spelling Be A Hang-Up

Blogging means getting your words out there — the goal is to have look good and to publish blog posts. Good business writing can involve multiple re-writes, consulting a style book, and rounds of spell-checks.  Good grammar

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Will Google Like Blockquotes For Structure?

Blockquotes are like “east meets west” or the “ying and yang” of WordPress blogging. Blockquotes can make your blog posts pretty, but they are also a great way to add structure. “The cite attribute does not render as anything special