Remember flip phones? The world has moved ahead in great leaps to the use of smart phones. Even the smart phone you may be using today isn’t the same as the first generation.

Websites also move ahead and the site you had years ago didn’t have to perform to the same standards that are in practice today.

SSL Certificates

An SSL site changes the site’s web address from HTTP to HTTPS, signaling the user they are using a secure site. Google, FireFox and other browsers now show security status. Read More

Responsive Themes

Mobile Friendly Responsive Themes mean your website will adjust to multiple screen sizes and work better on smaller devices like phones. Read More

GDPR, CCPA, and Privacy

The demand for website privacy has increased and with it the expectation of disclosure of where and how users’ information is being collected and stored. Read More


Flash is dead… any animation done in Flash will not show up on a smart phone. You’ve probably seen the growth of video and GIF animations on social media and they are the way to go on websites too. Want to know more about the death of Flash? Read More