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Lifestyle Photos for Instagram and Your Blog Posts

If you’re going to post on Instagram or write a blog you’re going to need some lifestyle photos. What are these? They’re photos of your products or services in scenes that will connect with your target market (ie. the people who will buy the product or use the service). The best way to describe lifestyle photos is that they give off a vibe of and fit a consistent genre of lifestyle like…

  • Healthy living
  • Luxury decor
  • Active outdoor/adventures
  • Good times with friends
  • Gourmet eating
  • Green/Sustainable living
  • Gentrified gardening

Selling auto parts? Who’s your target customer? If it’s muscle car owners then you may be posting pictures of cars from car shows or your customers’ rebuilt cars. Plan before and after photos. Short videos of starting a car and hearing the sound of an engine roar to life– I’d watch that video and I bet your customers and followers would watch too!

Selling vintage books? Strike up a relationship with an antique shop where you can photograph books in vintage settings or curate your own collection of vintage items in order to stage photos of books. Books are great for hashtags– like slogans, character names, quotes, etc.

Two very good examples of Instagram lifestyle pics are West Elm (a home furnishings company) and Sephora (Ladies know it’s the cosmetics store at the mall). Both are good at showing new product, grouping products, showing product in photography styles that reflect their audience and … a lifestyle.

Keep in mind these photo tips for your products on social media…

  • Don’t let other objects in the photo distract from your product(s) Selling sweaters? –Don’t confuse people with the shoes in the photo!
  • It’s OK to be cute or quirky because cute or quirky trends.
  • Make sure your product is clear and looks new and attractive
  • Have a hashtag (or hashtags) in mind for the photo and check what’s being used on Instagram.

Vibe. Remember it’s the vibe!

Vanessa Wood

I'm Vanessa Wood. I was an early adopter of WordPress and continue to build beautiful WordPress websites in CT. I'm working directly with clients and through marketing agencies to create new highly customized, business WordPress websites. I knit while I'm on hold and listen to punk rock.

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