Slow Burger or Fast Burger? How Do You View Net Neutrality?

It happens about once a day– I’m asked to explain net neutrality and why it’s gone.  I always try to keep things simple, not stupid. I describe it as allowing internet service companies charge premium prices for services we’ve all become accustomed to having at reasonable rates. You want to keep a fast internet connection? Then you’ll pay a premium price for it. Can’t afford it, then you’ll be relinquished to a below premium service, likely service than what you experience now. I’m not going to get into the egghead economics of the end of net neutrality (some experts believe it will drive greater competition between companies fostering even lower costs).  But I do think the Burger King ad that demonstrates net neutrality through the cost of burgers is genius… enjoy.

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Time to Step Up the Pace of Your Email Marketing Strategy

Have you looked in your inbox this morning?  I bet it’s full of emails because it’s giving Tuesday. I’ve got emails from everyone from Blink-182 to the DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution). I think that just revealed my eclectic interests!

Giving Tuesday is the day when charitable organizations initiate their holiday season fundraising drives. This deluge of emails can tank a small businesses e-news campaign because Tuesday is often considered the best day to send out small business e-newsletters because it the day past the weekly Monday crush.

Is your Tuesday e-mail getting lost among the Giving Tuesday emails? Time to step up the pace of your marketing strategy. If you sent out an e-mail newsletter this morning what you have to say may be ignored. Use the next few days as an opportunity to reach out to your clients again with fresh material, more news, and special events that won’t be lost in the Tuesday email holiday madness.

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I Love the Freedom of Blogging


Yesterday I was seeing Tweets that protested actress Rose McGowan who had her Twitter account frozen due to posting a private number. I saw that the action had happened in a tweet from Variety. Then there were new tweets that cast the “freeze” in a political light (comparing her actions to the President’s sometimes loose tweets). About the time I got off the Internet for the night there was an organized Twitter protest– women were going silent on Twitter (some of them have huge followings).

All of these pieces are fascinating demonstrations of freedom. The press tweeted. People complained about their president. A protest. And even the freedom to censure (Twitter is a public company).

A retweet from Matt Mullenweg, the developer of WordPress, caught my eye. I’ve posted the screen shot, but the best quote is “If you want freedom, use the open web.” YES! Blogging is your voice. It’s your forum to say what you want in as many words as you want. You speak to a handful or to millions. You make the choice how how it stays on your site. No need to wait for an editor’s approval or a deadline. You are your own press. That’s why I believe in the power of blogging.

I 8th grade I had an amazing teacher who taught American Government. He explained that freedom is never complete freedom. Freedom ends where it effects another person’s freedoms. He used to swing his arms around wildly demonstrating that was his freedom until he got too close to some and punched them in the nose! So blogging is freedom until you violate the conditions of your shared hosting account or libel someone in a post.

Go forth and be free! Blog!


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