Web Design FAQs

Got questions? These web design FAQs will help answer what it’s like to work with Design to Spec. Before we begin a project we will consult with you on the specifics of your project. You will have the opportunity to review the Terms and Conditions of working with Design to Spec and the scope of your project in a written Proposal.


Q. What is Design to Spec’s Privacy Policy?
A. Design to Spec does not disclose, sell, or rent your email address or personal data to anyone… EVER. Please refer to our privacy policy page for more information.


Q. Will I own my website?
A. Yes. Through our Terms and Conditions the rights to the website are passed to the client.


Q. What kind of technology does Design to Spec use?
A. Websites are designed with HTML, CSS, and PHP. We are early adopters of WordPress for website and blog development.


Q. What are the payment policies of Design to Spec?
A. Payments by credit card can be made through the payment link on this website. Payments are collected through a secure PayPal account. You do NOT need to be a PayPal member in order to use this service. Visa, Mastercard, and American Express are accepted.Our proposals includes costs and timeframes. Unpaid balances beyond the due date are subject to a 1.5% late fee (per month). Additional work beyond the scope of the proposal is billed at the hourly rate $120 per hour. Checks are made payable to “Design to Spec, LLC.” Returned checks are subject to a $20 fee.

Other Web Design Questions

Q. Can you fix or update my website?
A. Design to Spec fixes code and updates. We can help you expand a WordPress website or makes changes in the code. We will do our best to review your site and determine what issues you’re experiencing and what is generating the error or what is causing the issue. We have a positive attitude that there’s always a solution!

Q. I live on the other coast. Can you work with me?
A. Design to Spec works nationally with clients. We keep our costs reasonable by using the latest communication technology. If you need to work in person, by US Mail or over-night messenger, these are additional costs to your project.

Q. Will you put my website into the search engines?
A. We always submit web sites to Google. To keep your website highly ranked in the search engines (displaying at the top of the results) you will want to ask for links from other websites. If you need help on how to get links, ask Design to Spec and we will email or FAX information to you on the best practices of obtaining links.