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Stand Up Parenting Inc., national non-profit organization, John D. Lacy, Technology Advisor, standupp.org

“Vanessa conducted a very professional phone interview with me, seeking to sharpen both the on-line message and to address some of its unique problems as a non-profit organization with few resources. She understood our technical situation and needs for the website, publications handling, publicity, copyright, privacy, and other issues as we attempt to expand the organization nationally. She also suggested some new ideas for our future development, including on-line donations, opt-in newsletter delivery, etc. Finally, Vanessa seamlessly published her work to the existing server. She also reacted quickly and cheerfully to repair a minor error I had created during the transition… I would be very happy to recommend Vanessa Wood of Design to Spec for her services as described above.”

Westport-Weston First Night Launches to Rave Reviews

It was a pleasure to build their website. You couldn’t ask for a more dedicated, harder working, more FUN group to work for! First Night was an outstanding success and the website received terrific accolades. Thanks to all! — Vanessa Wood at Design to Spec LLC

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90 Pound Suburban Housewife Drivin’ in Her SUV, official website of the iTunes song, Rozanne Gates song writer, 90poundSUV.com

“Vanessa contributes not only her expertise and artistry, she contributes humor, calm, and speed.  Have you ever had a web designer say, “Sure, I can design your website” and then they disappear for 2 months?  Well, Vanessa had our website up and running in 4 days – from our first meeting/design session to actual implementation and the site going “Live”.  Unbelievable yet true.”

Soothe the Soul LLC, Deborah Pantalena, www.soothesoul.com

“Thank You Vanessa, Your work is fabulous! I’m glad I found your advertisement and made the phone call (it was a big step for me). You made the whole process exciting and beautiful.”

Success Aerobics, Cary Bayer, breakthrough coaching, www.carybayer.com

“If you’re looking for a web master or web mistress, your search is ended. Meet Vanessa Wood, a web maven who’ll give you not only savvy design at a reasonable price, but also a fine eye for writing and editing, a rarity among cyber graphic artists. … She combines a valuable left- and right-brained approach to web creation. In other words, this artist is grounded, worldly and smart. What’s more, she gently tells you what you need to know if she has a better idea or a better way of doing something. The fact that she resides in Connecticut hasn’t been a problem at all, as we’re all connected in cyber space. As a bonus, she’s a delight to work with.”

Suzanne Sheridan Photography, www.suzannesheridan.com

“I feel so lucky to have found you … to have someone on my cyberside in cyberspace.”