I really appreciate all you have done, the hand holding, the counseling and your interest, insight and enthusiasm.  What has been going on for the better part of 6 months, you were able to tackle in a month with  most of that time just trying to get things to work, with the actual site work happening in about a week…what a relief to have this done and to have found you.
Jerry S.

“I feel so lucky to have found you … to have someone on my cyberside in cyberspace.”
Suzanne Sheridan Photography

“If you’re looking for a web master or web mistress, your search is ended. Meet Vanessa Wood, a web maven who’ll give you not only savvy design at a reasonable price, but also a fine eye for writing and editing, a rarity among cyber graphic artists. … She combines a valuable left- and right-brained approach to web creation. In other words, this artist is grounded, worldly and smart. What’s more, she gently tells you what you need to know if she has a better idea or a better way of doing something. The fact that she resides in Connecticut hasn’t been a problem at all, as we’re all connected in cyber space. As a bonus, she’s a delight to work with.”
Cary Bayer – Success Aerobics

“Thank You Vanessa, Your work is fabulous! I’m glad I found your advertisement and made the phone call (it was a big step for me). You made the whole process exciting and beautiful.”
Soothe the Soul LLC, Deborah Pantalena

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