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WordPress.com vs. WordPress.org for WordPress Business Websites

You’ve probably heard a lot about WordPress, but did you know that highly customized WordPress business websites are created with WordPress.org software. There’s a big difference between “free” websites on WordPress.com and what you get by using WordPress.org. You can only sell services or collect payments for products on WordPress business websites created with WordPress.org software.

“If I build this, will it delight you?”
— Seth Godin, The magic of a spec

Add Content by Blogging

The best way to add content that’s searchable by Google, is to blog. Blogging adds relative, current content that is what your clients and customers are searching for. On the web “Content Is King” its how you can develop your business brand and connect with your audience. There is so much more to blogging and so many uses – If you’re not sure, contact Design to Spec. Vanessa can help you find a way to use a blog to promote your business.

Update Your Own Website

WordPress allows website owners to login and make edits or add new content. It may look familiar, looking like other editors or writing programs you already use.

update your own website

Business is the WordPress.org Difference

I have experience working with both the .com and .org software and my clients benefit from this experience. The .com service is limited, better suited for a non-profit or someone who wants a website for a hobby rather than a business website. I’ve worked with clients who start off thinking they are getting the full WordPress experience on WordPress.com and then become frustrated when they discover the limitations and the horrible fact that they can’t run a shopping cart or collect payments for services.

I (and most WordPress designers) don’t work with the .com service. WordPress.com is hosted by WordPress and it limits the customization that can be done to websites. For example, it doesn’t allow the use of plugins which are the programs that make WordPress business websites so spectacular.

WordPress.org for Customized Business Websites

WordPress.org is light-years from the .com version of WordPress. Highly customized WordPress websites are created from WordPress.org software that is downloaded to your own hosting account. When you work with a WordPress designer like Design to Spec, we can build a highly customized design for your WordPress website and add incredible business functions. We also use WordPress to construct marketing microsites.

I know it’s enticing to see the word “FREE” attached to WordPress.com, unfortunately a free WordPress.com website is likely to be very disappointing as a business website. Want to know more about why WordPress.org is better for business? read more

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