Understand Headings and Use Headings with WordPress Blocks

This post is for WordPress bloggers who are using blocks to create their pages and posts. Mastering headings is quick and easy way to improve website and improve how it’s delivered to your users and readers.

Don’t use headings to make text bigger and bolder

It’s tempting but headings are to be used for structure. With WordPress Guttenberg and the new blocks method of adding content it’s very easy to add headings, however they should be reserved for structure.

H1 is for page titles

H1 is the top level of the structure. It is reserved for page titles. WordPress automatically creates this as a H1 heading. If you go to add a H1 heading as a block— you can’t. H2 and H3, etc. heading blocks are the only ones available.

H2 is for subsections

You can divide your page into sections by using headings. In this post “Don’t use headings to make text bigger and bolder” is a H2 heading. A paragraph follows. The two sections that follow have H3 headings: “H1 is for page titles” and “H2 is for subsections.” Google and the search engines love posts and pages built using structure (heading sections). Hold on — here comes the next H2 section…

Get more SEO bang our of your headings

Not only do search engines like headings but it also likes headings with key words in them. Score brownie points by using your page/post key phrases in headings.

How to change headings to paragraphs

If you fell prey to temptation and have whole paragraphs (or more) set up as headings, it can be fixed. Find the block of text and click on it. There’s a square the the left of the heading with a H in it. Click on the H and you’ll see two arrows. Click on the arrows and you’ll see a menu box with icons. You’ll be able to click on and choose the Paragraph icon. You have now converted the heading to a paragraph. Be sure to save your work.

Vanessa Wood

I'm Vanessa Wood. I was an early adopter of WordPress and continue to build beautiful WordPress websites in CT. I'm working directly with clients and through marketing agencies to create new highly customized, business WordPress websites. I knit while I'm on hold and listen to punk rock.

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