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Make AI “Stock” Images In Your Website or Blog

Happy New Year! Two little words for 2024 —–Artificial Intelligence. There are some important things to know about AI: There are may different AI systems and not all do the same thing. If you want to experience AI you can do so on your own website or blog. If you’re using WordPress, Elementor (builder system) can be added… and guess what…Elementor has AI features. 

Hasta La Vista Stock Images

If you use stock photo in your blog posts you may want to use Elementor’s AI to create specific images. The image below was created in an Elementor image block by requesting “dog reading newspaper sepia.” A photographic image was selected. The result was four images to choose from. Fun! 

Elementor, AI, "Dog Reading Newspaper Sepia," digital image, 8 January 2024.

Next I asked for an “airstream trailer in the desert.” There you go, van-life bloggers! These are not actual photos, but digital images created by images programmed into the AI program. 

Elementor, AI, "Airstream Trailer in Desert," digital image, 8 January 2024.

Recommendations from Design to Spec

Do I have any recommendations? Yes, I do. My suggestion is to let your website visitors know your images are created with AI. You can add a comment with the image–that will put a comment under the image. Or your can footnote your blog post with an explanation that images were created with AI. Your comment or foot note should include that Elementor was used. 

Why am I making this recommendation? We’ve all heard about AI creating video “fakes” of celebrities. No likes to be fooled. Honesty is the best policy. Europe is ahead of the US with the GDPR directing how information is gathered from users online. If I have to predict the future, there will be guidelines for the use of AI. So why not be ahead of the game and start off posting source information now, then you won’t have to go back later and to identify the image. 

Note where your AI content comes from now and you won’t be freaking out later when it becomes the accepted practice.

Elementor, AI, "Elf House in Red Mushroom," digital image, 8 January 2024.

If you’d like to get started with AI on your website or block contact Design to Spec.

FEATURED IMAGE: Elementor, AI, “Giant Insect Reading Computer,” digital image,  8 January 2024.

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