4 Web Marketing Tips: LinkedIn for Writers

LinkedIn is an easy and effective way for Writers to stay connected with their associates in the industry.  Writing is both a service (ghost writer, journalist, etc.) and a product (published articles, new book, etc.). While LinkedIn won’t put a download a book, it’s an important tool for Writers to build a network of colleagues and open the door to new opportunities for publication and appearances.

Getting Linked:  Use your email address book to search for and invite associates to link to you on LinkedIn.  If you’ve been asking colleagues for their email addresses now you have way to search for them and link on LI.  The Groups on Linkedin are at times overlooked, however they are an excellent way to link to local networking groups, complimentary businesses (ie event planners, bookstore owners, clubs, graduate organizations) that will give you’re an arena of interested connections to build alliances.

Asking for Reviews and Recommendations.  Savvy consumers know they can check the Better Business Bureau website to see if there are complaints against a business. What it doesn’t tell are the excellent experiences with a business. Not only does LI connect consumers with glowing recommendations but those recommendations come from people they know and trust.

Even if you have not linked with someone on LinkedIn, you can make your recommendations visible to all searchers, so they will find you and your glowing reviews! When you know you’ve held a successful event, ask for a recommendation. Self-published authors can even ask for reviews one sale at time! Click the Request Recommendations link and start asking your connections to recommend you. You’ll find your connections are happy to do this for you because it makes their name visible as well.

Change Is Good: It pays to update your LinkedIn account as new activity appears in the Notifications at the top of the site.  Login to LI and update your status.

Be Visible: You’ll need a headshot for your book, don’t forget to put a photo on your profile!

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