4 Web Marketing Tips: LinkedIn for Writers

LinkedIn is an easy and effective way for Writers to stay connected with their associates in the industry.  Writing is both a service (ghost writer, journalist, etc.) and a product (published articles, new book, etc.). While LinkedIn won’t put a download a book, it’s an important tool for Writers to build a network of colleagues and open the door to new opportunities for publication Continue reading “4 Web Marketing Tips: LinkedIn for Writers”

4 Extra Sharp Web Marketing Tips: How to Use LinkedIn for Independent Insurance Brokers

LinkedIn is an easy and effective way to stay connected with your business associates and your customers. Insurance brokers can benefit from LinkedIn recommendations and following life changes announced by their connections that may indicate the need for insurance. Continue reading “4 Extra Sharp Web Marketing Tips: How to Use LinkedIn for Independent Insurance Brokers”

Managing Social Media: Mark Your Calendar for LinkedIn Wednesdays

Every Wednesday LinkedIn sends out an update email that contains all the latest news about your connections. Don’t’ dismiss this email—it’s a valuable tool to schedule your use of LinkedIn for business networking. That’s right, I’m suggesting “LinkedIn Wednesdays”.

Any networking website only works if you actually use it. That means you have to update your status and information, as well as follow the status of your connections. That can feel overwhelming when you already have a full calendar, a full email in-box, and a full workload.

Follow these tips every Wednesday and you’ll find that not only will you be leveraging LinkedIn as a way to keep in touch and be seen, but you’ll be able to forget about it the rest of the week!

1. MARK YOUR CALENDAR. Schedule Wednesdays for working LinkedIn. To keep your social media efforts sane, keep your time bite-sized. Don’t schedule the whole day—you only need 15 minutes to put a dent into LinkedIn.

2. PROFILE. The “Profile” area announces connections who have updated their profile. This is your opportunity to stay connected and minimize the time by being selective. Click on only the connections that have a link to “Send Note”. This is your chance to congratulate a connection on a job change or promotion.

3. CONNECTIONS. This area shows you who your friends are connecting with. Review this area for names you may also know and have passed up as a connection—it may be time to connect! Has a friend connected with someone you’d like to know? Ask for an introduction!

4. POSTS. When your connections update their status it will appear in the “Posts” area of the email. How many posts will depend upon how many of your LinkedIn connections keep their accounts updated and how often they update their account status. It may be a quick read to catch up with your friends’ activity. What it should spur is your own update. Remember when you update your profile your connections will be reminded of you as they receive their weekly LinkedIn update with you in it!

5. GROUPS. There are numerous groups on LinkedIn that will help you network with people of similar interests, geography, or backgrounds (like alumni groups). The update will show which groups your connections have joined in the past week. You may find they know a new group you’d like to join.

6. RECOMMENDATIONS. Your connections’ recommendations of other LinkedIn members are shown in this area. Here’s your chance to learn about who they are recommending—is it someone you need in your address book for future reference?

7. APPLICATIONS. LinkedIn provides applications like WordPress, SlideShare, TripIt, Events, Polls, etc. The applications deserve a scan to see blog updates, new presentations, trip announcements, appearances and events, and fun polls. How do you explore these applications without getting swallowed into an expanding time sink-hole? Why schedule it, of course! If you put regular time on your calendar to read blogs, following up on these application would fit in nicely.

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