It’s Ok to Re-Use Content

No matter how you come by your content it’s an investment in time, energy, and often money.  So why not re-use content?!

Content is King. Your web site content influences SEO, and content is vital to engage and hold your web visitors. The web power-users know the importance of content.  so Kim Kardashian stages her own photo shoots with professional photographers just to have great content for her website (wearing nothing but paint).

Before you complain that everyone has seen it before — I say “So what!”  Everything old is new again. Have you ever posted anything for Throwback Thursday? You may have used Facebook Memories to show old posts from a year or years ago “On This Day…”

Your website has new web visitors and social media friends all the time and it’s likely they haven’t seen all of your content before.

The 3 best ways to use content:

  1. Tell something new about something old
    For example, if you sell glass slippers, tell them how many are still being worn today without chipping. Tell them that one was lost and it was found my Prince Charming.
  2. Reminisce – Remind friends and web visitors that it’s old but still good, still right, and still viable.
    Remember when that beautiful girl wore the glass slippers to the ball. Wouldn’t they look great with the ball gowns in style this season?
  3. Give a shout out – Repost or rewrite with a shout out to another business or friends.
    Special thanks to @FairyGodmother who made the glass slippers. Great ball at the #FairyTaleCastle.

Have you exhausted your efforts to revive your content?