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Chose Clear Words – It’s Good For SEO

I first offered up this advice for web writing under the title “Be Specific Get Found” back in 2011 and it’s still relevant today as Google changes it’s algorithm, Bing encroaches on the share of searches, and mobile friendly has become the norm.

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Blog Post Titles to Impress The Search Engines

Blog post titles should remind you of a great meal.  Putting a title on a blog post isn’t a game to see how many words to jam into one line. It’s your first chance to impress the search engines. Follow these tips

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3 Reasons A Blogger Should Never Change a Blog Post

I was asked a great question this week:  They wanted to know what to do about an error they had made in a blog post— How do I change it? This error was a nugget of information, not just a spelling

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Two Steps to Schedule Your WordPress Blog Posts — It will make your blogging easier

Scheduling posts on WordPress is like sitting at home in an easy chair with the TV remote, and a cup of hot cocoa (well, maybe not that comfy). Scheduling blog posts is a feature that shouldn’t be overlooked by business

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