4 Extra Sharp Web Marketing Tips: Twitter for Jewelers

Who Do You Tweet For? Knowing your audience is key for any marketing strategy and it’s true when using Twitter for jewelers too. Your ideal Twitter followers are people who have not yet purchased an engagement ring or wedding bands, those who give jewelry to mark special occasions, and the customers who are purchasing a line of jewelry like Troll Beads or Pandora. These followers, especially those purchasing one piece at a time to complete a bracelet, etc., are interested in learning about new products, trunk shows, or sales.

What Do You Tweet? We don’t want you to feel at a loss for words. A huge piece of marketing to high-end jewelry customers is educating them about the value of jewelry, care, and even  what differentiates the best from the not so stunning diamonds and gem stones. Sharing your knowledge instills confidence that you are a trusted expert. You are probably already staying abreast of news and developments in your field; think about breaking them into brief, easily digestible Tweets.

Can I Show Pictures on Twitter? Jewelry is extremely visual – who doesn’t love a beautiful bauble?! Be sure to sign up for Twitpic.com and you can then post pictures of your newest creations or new inventory as it arrives.

How Do I Find People to Follow Me on Twitter? It’s important to integrate Twitter into your marketing. If you attend a BNI group announce or remind members that you Tweet. Put your Twitter name on your business cards and sales receipts. As you are handing out your card or slipping a receipt into a bag, remind people you’re on Twitter and what kind of news they will get by following you.  Please don’t forget your website as the launch pad to bring followers to you on Twitter.

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