5 Extra Sharp Internet Marketing Tips: How to Get Fans for Your Facebook Fan Page

Is this a scenario you’ve experienced? Maybe you’ve launched a Facebook fan page or hired a social media expert to enhance your fan page with all the bells and whistles that Facebook applications offer and lots of fancy code too.  But where are all your fans? Why don’t people like you?  You may even  be wondering if your fan page is a dud.

You can put up a terrific fan page, but it’s going to take a little work to let people know that the page exists and encourage people to “like” your fan page.  Don’t let your marketing efforts stall– follow these tips to utilize tricks you probably already have in your marketing tool belt.

1.    Announce the Fan Page on your Facebook Profile. You need to have a personal profile to put up a Fan Page, but the two are not enter twined.  Just because you have a Fan Page, it doesn’t mean that your “friends” know you have a new Fan Page.  Announce the Fan Page on your profile and invite your friends to support you and your business by “liking” your page.

2.    Announce Your Page on Twitter. If you have a Twitter account, be sure to maximize it as a source for announcing your new page.  It’s likely that you have different followers on Twitter than the group who are your friends on Facebook.

3.    Send an Email. Everyone uses Facebook and Twitter differently. Just because you have friends and followers, it doesn’t mean that they are all reading their feeds and “Tweets” religiously. Sending an email blast to your friends, family, and business associates means you are reaching people who may not see your announcement otherwise.  Be sure to ask them to let their friends and followers know about your page!

4.    “Share an Update” on LinkedIn.  Yes, your fan page is news and its news that should be shared. Share it on LinkedIn and your LinkedIn connections will see it in their Wednesday morning email update.

5.    Use Your Website and Blog.  It’s time to make your website and blog do some work for you!  Both should have links to your Fan Page.  Create a blog post to announce your new page and ask readers to “like” your new page.

To get more fans, you need to reach out and start drawing them in.   And here’s a bonus tip –  allow a few days in between each effort to assure your message reaches people who may have missed reading their Tweets and messages one day. As you mention your fan page again, friends will have another chance to see your announcement so they can respond. Timing is everything so keep promoting your page!

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