Get Your Business Found on Your Facebook Profile

I was working with a new client who was curious of how increase their visibility online. Like most businesses it was not only important for them to be found by their name but they also wanted people to find them online by what they DO.

To test how easily they could be found online I did a Google search and searched for them in Facebook. Google turned up several results, however although they had a lively personal profile in Facebook, I couldn’t find them.  The search for what they DO was the most disappointing in Facebook because my search got results for their local competition, not my client.

It’s easy to miss, but the one thing that wasn’t on the client’s personal  Facebook profile was what they DO. What you do should appear at the top of your profile under your name.  Here are 3 things to do to make a fix to your profile that will have big impact on getting found.

  1. Click on Edit Profile and then select Education and Work to add your employment info.
  2. If you are a small business owner, you need your own Facebook page so you can link to it when completing this portion of your profile.
  3. If you work 2 or more jobs, be selective. Pick the job you really want to promote online because even if you add multiple jobs only one will appear on your profile.

Making the right choice when you first set up your Facebook profile or making a tiny fix now will help people find your business on Facebook.

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