Ask to “Ketchup” with Friends on Facebook to Build Fans

I often hear from clients, “How do I get more followers on my Fan Page?” There is no magic formula. What works best for a business depends upon what type of business it is, the number of initial friends you have on Facebook, and how dilligent you are to building your fan base. Focus on these three areas and you’ll have a solid foundation to attract the fans you crave.

Ask your “Friends”. You had to have a personal profile to set up a business Fan Page. Connect with as many Facebook friends as you can through your personal profile because they are your first line of contacts to convert to fans of your page. The “Suggest to Friends” link will allow you to suggest the page to those personal friends. Our recommendation to build fans from your friends? “Friend” all the people you know and meet and then suggest your page!

Ask your fans. When you’ve built a fan following of your page, go ahead and ask them to click the “Suggest to Friends” so they can suggest to their friends. You are about to experience the power of Facebook- connecting with not only your own friends, but with your friends’ friends. That’s where you’ll see the real growth of your fan base.

Ask the public. Don’t let your Fan Page stay a secret only known to your friends and fans. Instead, get bold and promote your page! Promotion means putting a fan link on your website, broadcasting it through your other social media accounts like Twitter and LinkedIn. Advertisers are promoting their Fan Pages on billboards and in magazine ads. Reminders to “fan” a business on Facebook can be found on shipping boxes and store bags. My favorite promotion is the Heinz ketchup label that is all about becoming a fan on Facebook!

Catch up with friends and make new ones to generate the fan base that will build your business and attract new customers.

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