3 Tips To Improve Facebook Likes and Shares (Engagement)


3 Tips To Improve Facebook Likes and Shares

Ever wonder why you can post and post to your business Facebook page and it never seems to get noticed? The more you post the more anonymous you feel! Well, it’s not just a feeling. You can go into Facebook oblivion when your post too frequently Continue reading “3 Tips To Improve Facebook Likes and Shares (Engagement)”

Gotta Love Those Little Facebook Buttons!

Those little Facebook buttons are just the nifty visual like to move web visitors to your Facebook page. It’s amazing the power of something so small. Here’s my top 3 reasons to have a Facebook button.

Do you have a Facebook button on your website (and blog)? Not everyone was an early user of Facebook and sometimes it takes a while to see if something like Facebook is going to last, how others will use it, and how it will work for you.

Was Facebook going public the event that convinced you they were mainstream? Regardless of what it took to get you on Facebook, if you have a Facebook business page you need a way to get people to that page from your website or blog.

1. Google likes links. A Facebook button adds an “out-going” link to your site which helps with your Google ranking. If you also link back to your website from your Facebook page you’ll give your site a boost with an “in-coming” link.

2. They’ll like you. If you’re wondering how to get more “likes” for your Facebook page, a Facebook button is a main ingredient in the recipe. Your website is your main Internet marketing tool. so take advantage of it to direct visitors to your Facebook page.

3. Subscribe here. If you’re a blogger you either know or will learn that it’s tough to train your visitors to use RSS Feed to get your latest blog posts. A Facebook button is like a clear road sign telling your visitor to “click here” for to get updates on Facebook. People spend a large chunk of time of Facebook and will read your blog feed if it shows up in the updates on the HOME page of their account.

Capture the audience who wants more. Give them the button that will take them to the rich content you’re posting on Facebook.


Why Can’t I Change My Facebook Page Name? Because You’re Popular!

Crowd - Union Sq. (LOC)Recently I was asked by a small business owner if they could change the name of their Facebook page.┬áThe background is that they had set up their Facebook page awhile ago and as their business developed they’ve realized that the page name is too narrow and they wanted to change it to a name that applied to a wider range of business. They had logged in to Facebook and accessed their page settings only to find that they couldn’t change the name.

Why? Facebook doesn’t allow for page names to be changed when you have more than 200 Likes. This is one of the rules of Facebook I can’t find fault with. Your fans and friends “liked” one page; would it be fair to change the page name, possibly changing what they liked?

If the old and new page names are so different then it’s like changing businesses. The answer to a name change would be set up new Facebook page– I suppose it’s Facebook’s view that it you have under 200 Likes you can get the word out easily to direct your fans to the new page. But remember a new page means building your following again and connecting it to your website and other marketing materials you use to direct people to your page.

So weigh carefully the name of your Facebook page as it may something you’ll live with for a long time to come. And if you’re itching to change your name, remember you may not be able to it when you’re popular!