TIP: A Blog by Any Other Name

Call it anything, but Blog. About a year ago I spent a couple months surveying business associates and clients. It was an informal survey, but I found that no one was actually reading blogs (so, thank you for taking the time to read my tips Blog!). Even clients who wanted to start their own blog confessed they weren’t reading other blogs! They thought of blogs as just personal musings– like a teen diary. To bring non-bloggers from your website to your blog have an enticing link… not a BLOG link. Make the link TODAY’S MENU, CURRENT EVENTS, ON FOCUS, THE BIG NEWS. People who truly are interested in just blogs will find it through the search engines, the blogging service’s directory, and other online directories. People who would otherwise avoid a blog will click through the link.

Be A Star!
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Vanessa Wood

I'm Vanessa Wood. I was an early adopter of WordPress and continue to build beautiful WordPress websites in CT. I'm working directly with clients and through marketing agencies to create new highly customized, business WordPress websites. I knit while I'm on hold and listen to punk rock.

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