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WordPress Fonts: It’s All About Font Consistency

One of the best design features of WordPress is that it creates font consistency. I know creative types (and I’m one of them) feel their rebel nature start to boil when they hear the words consistent or consistency. Who wants

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Hip Fonts or Design Faux Pas? A Perfect Week For My Inner Design Geek.

Who talks about fonts? Even in my geekiest designer moments I don’t bring up fonts in mixed company. Well, this has been a week when hip fonts were part of the conversation

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Let’s Not Confuse The Web Design Spec With A Speck

This summer Design to Spec LLC celebrated it’s 11th anniversary. When I launched my design business I didn’t grab a name based on a common phrase, but chose carefully a phrase that describes how I design and how the company

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If I Hire an Expensive Web Designer, Will the Quality Be Better?

Remember how Dragnet used to begin? The names have been changed to protect the innocent. I’m doing the same to recount this all too often-told story from the front line of web design. I get a call from a prospective

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