WordPress Fonts: It’s All About Font Consistency

One of the best design features of WordPress is that it creates font consistency. I know creative types (and I’m one of them) feel their rebel nature start to boil when they hear the words consistent or consistency. Who wants everything to be the same! However, some consistency, especially on a website, is a very good thing. Having a sameness throughout a website supports your branding, makes your site look professional, and helps to clue web visitors that they’re on the same website from the first page to the last blog post.

With WordPress Fonts Support Your Branding. It’s likely you’ve hired a logo specialist and ordered business cards to create the look and feel of your business. Part of the process was choosing a font or two that you like. This is your branding. Using these fonts in the same style and colors on your website help to unify your business image.

Font Consistency Makes Your Website Look Professional. Do you remember those old-fashioned circus posters with about 20 colors and styles of type? This was the circus’ branding —  a whirl-a-gig of excitement! Big top acts are probably not what you think of when you think of clean, crisp professionalism, so a circus of different fonts probably isn’t going to serve your business well.

Use Fonts to Clue Your Visitor. A web page whose appearance changes from page to page can be confusing for the web visitor. How will they know that they’re on the same site when they click to a new page and it looks different than the last.

WordPress fonts can be set up to use beautiful scripts, and other unique web fonts so there’s no need to be boring– your uniqueness can shine on every page. Using a style sheet as part of the structure means in WordPress fonts are set and they will display the same on every page.