WordPress Website Update for Vanguard Moving

before and after click image to make larger

I’m happy to announce a beautiful and functional  web site refresh for Vanguard Moving in Bethel, CT (http://vmslct.com/).  Vanguard was running a standard WordPress theme for their website. Their Design to Spec update took them to the next level with a new, customized theme and a new graphic on their home page that adds more POP! and communicates better that they move families from one place to another.


The main focus of the update was give the site more UMPH! and to use responsive web design to make it look great on smart phones and tablets. Working with the client we also agreed that their business would benefit from having the “Request A Quote” button in a prominent position.

Take a peek.  http://vmslct.com/

Let’s Not Confuse The Web Design Spec With A Speck

Dependable, ExperiencedThis summer Design to Spec LLC celebrated it’s 11th anniversary. When I launched my design business I didn’t grab a name based on a common phrase, but chose carefully a phrase that describes how I design and how the company does business.

Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines a speck as “a very small piece or spot” while a spec is “a detailed description of work to be done.” Both words refer to small features, however a spec delves deeper to define the details. Yes, a spec defines the details and… this is important… a spec also imbues the details with meaning, which of course is the reason behind the use of a spec.

Join together the specs for a website and you have the road-map to the completed design project.  Each spec contains the details agreed upon between the designer and client—and they have meaning, therefore they are used for a reason and serve a purpose in the design of the website.

A New Website for Soothe The Soul


Soothe the Soul is the healing practice of Deborah Pantalena. Both a RN and practitioner of Reiki, Reflexology, and Sound Healing, Deborah wanted to update her website to reflect her own duality and her own connection with nature– sea and sand, air and grass, trees and creatures.  WORDPRESS also fulfills Deborah’s need for a blogging area and to be able to refresh her website with new information and images. Continue reading “A New Website for Soothe The Soul”