Simple Live Blogging

Looking for a way to make your blog more lively and engaging? How about some “live blogging?” You may have stumbled upon a live blogging event for a red carpet entertainment event (you know, the reporters who post comments about fashion and celebrity gossip) or a sports event where a blogger takes commentary to another level by posting several times during the game covering plays and players.

Recently the Portland Press Herald (that’s a Maine news blog) covered a breakfast cook-off. Let’s check-in to see what 3 elements they included to this live blog take shape.


1. Stack Your Entries In Chronological Order. The cook-off takes on suspense and a sense of timing by adding to their event post every few minutes.  They remember that all good writing has a beginning, middle, and an end, so their last post is a wrap up of the event.  A live blog without a wrap-up leaves readers hangin’.

2. Include Photos. Not every event, especially virtual events, lend themselves to photographs. However when you have photos you have your reader’s attention.

3. Tell Time. Don’t forget to differentiate each post by posting the time.  Live blogging implies being timely. When configuring your live blogging plugin, be sure to set the time.

4. Say It’s Live. I’m big on putting it in the post title– say it’s “live blogging” so the search engines will pick it up.

Going to a conference or trade show? It’s your chance to blog live. Doing a webinar? It’s an opportunity to do live blogging.

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