You Think You Don’t Have Photos to Post on Facebook? Photo Ideas for Your Facebook Page

 I met The Estate Sisters in CA when it was time to deal with a stock-pile of household items, collectibles, and really odd stuff that added up to about 170 years of collecting (add my parents ages to get the grand total of years!).

I love a great recommendation (and The Estate Sisters came with one), however I always like to check out a company online to see what they do and how well they do it. They had a fabulous website but where were they on Facebook? That’s how it came about that I worked with The Estate Sisters to get them on Facebook (see their FB page). They have a perfect business for Facebook. Their business is to delve into all the unusual goodies people have stashed away in closets and cupboards. When organizing the consummate collector or prepping a giant estate sale; they work with tangible objects d’ art, fascinating collectibles, and household items that beg to be merchandized. Every day these new Facebook users run into something that begs to be photographed and shared with their fans online.

When you post a photo on your Facebook business page, everyone who likes your page will see it in their “feed”. Posting a photo is a reminder that your business is still there and it’s interesting—it’s ALIVE! Not every business has tangible products or items they can post on Facebook, so it takes some work to come up with creative photo ops. Here’s 10 ideas for creating photos for your Facebook page.

1. Group Events. Ramp up your networking by taking photos whenever you are at an even. At a BNI meeting?—grab a different member each week to have your photo taken with them. Attending a trade show?—don’t leave the booth without taking a photo.

2. What’s That? Take a photo each week of a different product and see if your “fans” can identify it. Think your products are too ho-hum and too easy to identify?—then take a photo of just a small section of a product and see just how good people are at identifying it.

3. Before and After. My clients know I’m all for showing before and after photos! A few weeks ago I got a new haircut, I’m surprised the stylist didn’t ask to do before and after photos. Nothing shows how your work transforms like capturing it in a picture.

4. Show the Everyday. It’s everyday only because you do it every day—it’s not so mundane to everyone else! Plumbers can take photos of what they pull out of the drains or their most common call outs. Insurance agents can photo handshake with new clients (and of course “friend” them on Facebook), car dealers are missing the boat if they aren’t taking a photo of every customer with every car they deliver. Sure you do it every day… but showing others keeps their interests and builds your credibility.

5. When You’re Out – Take Pictures. This strategy is one of my favorites. I take photos of conversation-worthy signs, civic events, and even new products (I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw lederhosen in a trendy women’s store!). If you find something that aligns with your business or business philosophy all the better.

Find Good Stuff!

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