Quick iPhone Test for Mobile Friendly Websites

This is one of the easiest ways to test for mobile friendly, especially for your own website. Simply Google it on an iPhone. If the site meets Google’s mobile friendly format it will state “mobile friendly” right by the website result. The image below shows what you’ll find if you Google “Design to Spec” on your iPhone. Yes it is!


You may also find larger website that aren’t yet mobile friendly. The town website below isn’t, but you can bet the next time them put out a RFP for a new website they’ll want to upgrade to one that functions well on mobile devices.


I know, if you don’t have a mobile site you may be cringing at the thought of being called out (or rather not called out) on the web. Google is riding the wave of smart phones and tablets and making the use of the web more easier and more enjoyable for mobile users. If you aren’t catering to mobile users you’re missing a large chunk of web traffic you can possibly attract to your site.