SEO Isn’t : You May Think SEO Is One Thing But It Isn’t

I was working on an SEO project and was thinking about what it is and isn’t.

1. SEO isn’t a flip of the switch. Good SEO starts in the structure of a website and flows into the text written for every page. Optimizing a page or an entire website isn’t a quickie add-on but a process that juggles basic HTML, software, writing with measuring and monitoring.

2. SEO isn’t finished with the project. Especially with blogging, each new post need to be optimized with keywords and key phrases. If you want to stay in a good position in the search results, you have to keep up your SEO work.

3. SEO isn’t going to stay the same. SEO is influenced by thousands of sites other than your website. What effects SEO? Here’s a few things: Google’s changes, competing websites, new power-house social media and directory websites, and of course the terms people use to search.

4. SEO isn’t just for websites. Why would you work hard on your website and not pay attention to SEO on your social media accounts?

5. SEO isn’t complicated. Using a good plugin and developing a search-term savvy approach to blog writing will assure that your site will be found.

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