Mobile Friendly Shows Increase in Site Traffic

increased results

There’s some really good news about responsive mobile-friendly websites. It’s performance- an increase in site traffic. I predicted that Google would start favoring them after their imposed due date in April– that they would start pushing them to the top of the search results on mobile devices. Without a whole lot of scientific testing, it looks like this is true. Design to Spec has seen in Google Analytics a significant jump in website traffic on sites after converting to a mobile-friendly design.

Here’s some samples:

  • Site 1: before 200 visits per month,  after 900 visits per month.
  • Site 2: before 200 visits per month, after 500 visits per month.
  • Site 2: before 4000 visits per month, after 8000 visits per month.

Smart phones, pads, and hand-held devices aren’t going to go away– well, maybe if you leave one in a taxi.