Blocking SPAM? Do you know where the data goes?

Just a reminder that I’m not a lawyer– just a web designer with WordPress experience who’s been mulling over my Privacy Page. Do you get those pesky SPAM comments on your blog posts? Do you get thousands of them and have installed a plugin to block them into oblivion? Read more ›

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GPDR Has Immediate Effect on Some Websites in Europe

Good morning! It’s May 25, 2018 and it’s GPDR day. Twitter posts have been revealing that major newspaper websites (Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, and New York Daily News) are blocked in EU countries. I checked with one of my UK contacts Read more ›

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Why Am I Getting All Those Privacy Emails?

Everyone is getting privacy emails in response to the EU (European Union) enacting GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) for websites. It may feel like a “house on fire” when you also start hearing fearful proclamations about getting your own website in compliance. So let’s take a deep breath and address the reality Read more ›

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Slow Burger or Fast Burger? How Do You View Net Neutrality?

It happens about once a day– I’m asked to explain net neutrality and why it’s gone.  I always try to keep things simple, not stupid. I describe it as allowing internet service companies charge premium prices for services we’ve all become accustomed to having at reasonable rates Read more ›

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