WordPress Structure – Linking to Single Posts


WordPress is genius— publishes your posts on a unique URL (you know, that thing that starts with HTTP://).  This goes on behind the scenes and helps to organize your blog.

If your blog is set up so that new posts show up on the Home page, you’ll notice that the newest posts are always right there, first in line to be read on the blog. However, it’s important when sharing your posts to share the URL (again that address that starts with HTTP) for a single post. It’s logical, if you share the home page it will change with newer posts. If you share the address to a single post, people can go right to the post at any time and see what you want them to see.

Here’s an example: If you send an email or an enewsletter with a link in it to your blog’s Home page you run the risk that the reader may wait to open it. What if you add a new post before they read your email? They will see your newest post not the one you wanted them to see.

Another time to watch your post links is when sharing on Facebook or other social networking site. If you use your blog’s web address visitors will land on your blog. If they check-in on the social site later, you run the risk that your Home page will be showing a newer post and they’ll miss your important post.

These issues are solved by linking to a single post. So to find the link to a single post you can open the WordPress dashboard and locate your posts. Just below the post title there will always be the link to the post and you can even get a shortened URL  to use when you’re short on space.

On most WordPress themes you can also go directly to your blog, click on the post title, this will take you to the single post.  Just copy the web address at the top of the screen in your browser window. That’s the URL to share.

Happy linking!