Scheduling Blog Posts: Borrowing from Bullet Journals

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Happy New Year! How can I tell it’s a new year? Oh, there are several hints–one hint is all all the productivity videos that start to show up in my YouTube feed.

I like the bullet journal videos– gorgeous penmanship and fabulous decorated pages. There are some pretty talented journal creators out there! I’ve tried it and am just not as neat as the pros. I’ve dragged a hand through wet ink and created intensely intricate calendars with waterproof ink only to have reduced to a smear with aggressive colored markers (what do they put into those markers?!). However, I borrow from bullet journal tips to manage several blogs. Aiming for productivity over style and flair.

If you blog but aren’t scheduling you’re missing a WordPress tool that can up your productivity (see ). If you’ve discovered scheduling organizing your scheduled posts can make it even better.

Why organize your posting schedule? Several reasons…

  • If you post on a specific day of the week you can make sure your posts are all set to publish on the correct day
  • Know what’s coming up– having a calendar of upcoming posts helps to assure there are no bald spots (days when posts aren’t set to publish)
  • Prevents double posting on a day (unless you really want to, of course)
  • Post date specific posts… for instance I write a history blog and I have a post that’s set to publish on the anniversary of Paul Revere’s ride. If you have a holiday sale or a holiday specific product, post can be scheduled to publish during near the holiday date.

You don’t have to go all “old school” and write down your scheduled posts. There’s a WordPress plugin that can help you keep track. ToolStack’s Schedule Posts Calendar is not only free but it’s also up-to-date for the latest version of WordPress (as of today). This is an ideal tool for power bloggers who like to write their posts in advance and to see on a calendar when posts are scheduled to publish.

I like to see year “at-a glance” calendars and that’s how I use a bullet journal calendar technique. Bullet journal creatives will show writing out EVERY in EVERY month for an at-a glance journal calendar, however because I manage blogs that post on specific day(s) of the week I’m able to short cut how much of the calendar to create. My calendars aren’t pretty but they are pretty productive. The calendar below is for a blog that publishes on Wednesdays and Fridays. As posts are prepared they are crossed off with a colored marking (note to self: write down brand of marker because it doesn’t smear).

There’s also a simple line calendar technique that saves space and writing. The sample below is a for a blog that publishes on Tuesdays. As posts are scheduled publication dates can be circled, colored with a marker, or lined out, or however you’d like to keep track. This can even be adapted to keep track of two publishing days– just draw a line separating Tuesday on the left and adding dates for another weekday down the right side.

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