Home Page, Splash Page, or Landing Page?

There’s some confusion between different types of website pages. Sometimes I overhear the terms home page, splash page and landing page being used interchangeably like they are all the same thing. There are differences between these 3 that shouldn’t be overlooked.  

A home page is the main page of any website. It’s the page a web user sees when they go to your website address. It may be a grouping of your featured products, links and menus to assist the user navigating around the site, or an abbreviated page that acquaints a web visitor with the basics of the business.  WordPress sites can have a blog on the home page.

A splash page hearkens back to when Flash was used to animate home pages. A splash page usually relied on less text and more on graphics. Because they were skinny on text they often didn’t fair well in Google searches.

A landing page is a different page altogether. Landing pages are often sales pages that tell a story, demonstrate value, and make an offer. They are like websites in miniature… everything is on one page rather than multiple pages. They can have their own unique URL, yet be hosted on the same server as the main website.  They can even be managed in WordPress using special plugins or unique templates. 

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