WordPress Privacy: Check For Unsupported Form Plugins

I’ve reviewed several websites for new clients to assist with their Privacy Policy. Form Plugins seem to be a consistent issue that pops up in the review.

A form usually appears on a WordPress site by using a plugin. Its important to keep these plugins updated. Updates may contain privacy or security patches that protect you and your users.

I’m recommending to clients to go beyond looking at their WordPress dashboard for plugin update alerts. Why? — because if a plugin developer has gone out of business or stopped doing updates to keep up with the latest version of WordPress you’d never know. Abandoned plugins will never show you an update alert!

I’m concerned about these abandoned plugins not because they aren’t working just fine, but because if the developer is out of business and there’s not developer website, there’s a good chance there’s no Privacy Policy to explain what data is collected by the plugin.

If a form plugin is no longer supported how will you know how it handles your privacy or your website users’ privacy?