Check Your WordPress Plugins for FLASH

Just when I think I’m done writing about FLASH I’m at it again! Your WordPress site may have a FLASH problem.

Going through sites for GDPR (Privacy Policy) I’ve spotted some old plugins that are used to display video. Now if you have FLASH on your computer you may be able to watch these videos on your site and you’ll never know there’s a problem. When someone doesn’t have FLASH on their computer they won’t see the video, just a blank area with a message to download FLASH. The greater number of people will simple leave the page because they aren’t going to download software to watch the video or they just don’t how to.

There’s an even larger audience who will miss your video — anyone who uses a smartphone or tablet. They don’t use FLASH and never will (read more).

So, no more delays. Lets get FLASH off of your website.