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9 Easy Steps to Delete YouTube Video in 2018

Do you need to delete a YouTube video but need instructions? I recently found that I had a video that had not aged well. If found lots of what claimed to be easy steps to delete youtube video, however none of them looked like the 2018 YouTube pages.

Before you delete YouTube video look back to your blog. Have you used the video in any WordPress posts? Once you delete the video it will no longer be accessible to someone who finds and reads your post. You can either delete the post or remove the video embed code from the post. Another reminder is to search your website pages for the use of the video.

So here are the steps relevant to 2018…

How to Delete YouTube Video

1. Login to your YouTube account
2. Click your round profile image in the upper right, this opens a dropdown menu
3. Click on MY CHANNEL in the dropdown menu
4. Click the CREATOR STUDIO button on the upper right
5. Put an X in the box next to the video you want to delete
6. Click the arrow next to the word EDIT. This opens another dropdown menu
7. Click the word DELETE in the dropdown menu
8. You’ll be given a warning that you are PERMANENTLY deleting your video from YouTube
9. Click the word DELETE and IT’S GONE!

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