Who Comes First in Social Media—Is It Me or My Business?

Have you struggled with the question of whether to write or talk about yourself in the first person, or present information about your business in the third person? You also may be wondering how to represent your business in social media… “Do I set up a profile of me or for my business?” Here’s how to set up a business profile on the top social media sites.

There’s no choice on Facebook, you must have an individual profile and account before you can post a business Fan Page. You don’tneed an expansive personal profile, although it certainly helps to connect with at least 150 friends (see Five Myths That Limit Success with Social Media).  If you plan to put up a Fan Page, we recommend that the person who sets up the account be a long-term employee, someone who is not apt to leave, locking a business out of their own Fan Page because they don’t’ have the login or password.

LinkedIn is all about you; it’s become the preeminent online resumé.  There are company pages– go ahead and get more exposure for your business, but set up your personal profile first. So this is your opportunity to shine through your own profile. You can show what your business is about by linking a blog to your profile, displaying a slideshow, and succinctly describing your products and services in your profile. LinkedIn, like a paper resume, can be updated and used when you are employed by one company or many, and of course if you move from one company to another.

Using Twitter means you’ll have to make a choice: you can set up an account with your own name, a business name, or a clever handle. Branded businesses like Coke or Pepsi use their brand name. for the individual entrepreneur, the best name is your brand name.  An advantage of using your own name is that you’ll be able to keep Twitter followers when you move from one business to another or change product lines.

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