Website Forms: Ask It Once to Avoid Redundancy


There’s nothing worse than redundancy in a website. It’s even worse when you’re asking for your web visitor to take their time and provide you with information through a form. Recently I took a survey from Sears and was surprised that one of the nation’s biggest retailers didn’t just ask a question once, but asked it twice.

I think there may be some method in their madness. The first time Sears asked for contact information was probably to reconcile my identity to an order. The second time they asked may be strictly to determine if I wanted to be contacted by a rep. However, that’s not what they say on their form. It just reads like they want my contact information once and then again.

There’s really a sleeker way to deal with getting permission to contact via a form. A check box is an acceptable one click method to gain permission for further contact.

Sleeker forms, less typing for web visitors…it’s good stuff!