5 Tips on Using Video from the Top Video Services on Your Business Blog

When it comes to sharing videos on your blog, you don’t have to be a pro cameraman or have a film archive. Business bloggers shouldn’t overlook the top video sites to source videos for their blog. The best videos are those that help communicate your own message without directing viewers to your competition.  

When you start searching for video,  it’s likely you’ll be surprised by what’s already available online that matches your blog’s communicate points.  You may find videos of products you sell and even videos posted on traditional media websites that feature you!  I have blogging clients who found and use videos of nationally known experts who support their position on an issue, while others post their own television appearances and  interviews on their blogs.
How to get started? Follow these 5 tips to start finding and sharing online video.

1.       Search the top video sites.  When you search YouTube, Vimeo, Viddler, Veoh  you will find videos that can be shared on your blog. If a video can be shared there is an “embed” code readily available on the page where you are viewing the video.

2.       Look at how the video is set up. Since videos are posted by all levels of expertise, use your judgment—carefully weigh if the title and still image people see before launching the video, will complement your blog’s message.

3.       Calculate whether the video conflicts with your marketing. Watch the whole video to be sure from beginning to end its consistent with what you want to communicate on your website or blog.  You may decide against using the video if it directs viewers to a competitor or projects a philosophy that conflicts with your business. Some video have ads at the beginning while other have them at the end, so watch the whole thing to see where viewers are referred by ads and links. Be sure you are comfortable with these links.

4.       Check the dimensions.  Most video services give the user the ability to set the dimensions of the video for posting on the web. When you post a video, preview the post on your blog to be sure the video isn’t so large that it covers up features of your page or moves around page components.  If it’s too big for the page, simply reset the dimensions and embed again to keep the site tidy and looking good.

5.       Grab the URL.  In the browser window you’ll see the URL for the video. It begins with the video service address , like “https://www.youtube…”. Copy the entire URL and create a text link in your blog post. Your subscribers will love that they can click the link in their RSS feed to see the video.

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