Lifestyle Photos for Instagram and Your Blog Posts

If you’re going to post on Instagram or write a blog you’re going to need some lifestyle photos. What are these? They’re photos of your products or services in scenes that will connect with your target market (ie. the people who will buy the product or use the service). The best way to describe lifestyle photos is that they give off a vibe of and fit a consistent genre of lifestyle like…

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You’re Product and Service Descriptions Improve Your Website’s SEO

Dont’ let your website’s product or service descriptions let you down. Imagine you’re a fabulous divorce attorney and public speaker with brilliant ideas. Your friends and business associates have urged you to share your brilliance on a larger platform, so you’ve written your first book. It’s time to sell the book on your website, so you’ve put up a new page called “My Book”. The new page has your headshot (and you look fabulous!), a photo of the book cover, and you’ve titled the page “My Book”, listed the book title, and the price (with a link to PayPal). You’re ready for devoted throngs to find you online and the sales to begin.

Hold on, despite your best efforts, you’ve missed the basics, meaning web visitors will be sparse and sales slow.

Have you ever bought a book on Perhaps you’ve listed a product for sale on eBay. One thing you’ll notice on these sites is that there is a lot of text in the product descriptions. These websites don’t simply have text because they are verbose. The text is there because the search engines love text. When a web user conducts a search, the words match up to the text on the websites found in the results.

When creating descriptions of services or products for sale on your website, text counts. The more complete the descriptions are of your products and services the more likely you are to show up in the search engines. Follow these suggestions to create a more complete sales page so your product or service can be esaily found.

Use Specifics to Name Your Link. Instead of a generic name, get specific. Call the link to your services or product what it is, for example Divorce Help Book, DIY Plumbing Supplies, Home Appraisal Training. When you get specific you get found because you are giving people what they are looking for.

Page Name. The search engines love structure, so create your page name or title as an H1 or heading. Again, be as specific with your page name as you are with the link that brings web visitors to the page.

Product Name. If you haven’t named your product already, then you’re in luck. Don’t have to settle for a non-descriptive name. Choose a name rich with the words or phrases you anticipate web users will search with. If your product is already named or the name is dictated by the manufacturer, then add a tag line that is rich in keywords. Don’t forget, if you are selling a service the same suggestions apply.

Product Description. How should you describe a product or a service? Go back to the experts at Amazon and eBay. The sites owned by the “big guys” are wonderful resources for format examples. Remember what you learned about descriptive writing in grade school – answer the questions who, what, when, where, why, how, how much, how many, etc. Don’t hold back; tell all. That’s what sells!

More Text– Reviews, Testimonials, Excerpts, Instructions. If you’re looking at the “big guys” for inspiration you’ll notice they have descriptive text and then they add even more. Amazon includes product reviews and excepts (you could consider samples). Think about your product or service and choose one of these opportunities to add additional text to your site.

Get specific and add details to improve your search engine results and ultimately to sell more products or services. When people buy on the Internet, they need to feel comfortable, so don’t hold back. Provide visitors with all the details so they get the full picture and make that all important purchase.