Lifestyle Photos for Instagram and Your Blog Posts

If you’re going to post on Instagram or write a blog you’re going to need some lifestyle photos. What are these? They’re photos of your products or services in scenes that will connect with your target market (ie. the people who will buy the product or use the service). The best way to describe lifestyle photos is that they give off a vibe of and fit a consistent genre of lifestyle like…

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Love WordPress For Images — It’s Easier For You!

love wordpress for imagesUsing images online is easier than ever… you should love WordPress for images.

Q. What size image do I need for my WordPress blog?

A. The Internet displays photos and images at a lower resolution than you would need for printing.  Back in the days before WordPress an image would have to be resized  from 300 dpi to 72 dpi before it could be displayed on a website. This meant that Photoshop or another program was needed to alter an image. Today with WordPress you won’t need to resize your photos. Simply upload images from your computer desktop, a thumb-drive, and even your your smart phone!

Web Tip: Boost Your Online Image with Professional Photography

camera_illusRemember the new word of 2013? Selfie. I’ve spent the last year encouraging clients to skip the selfie… look less inward and focus more on outward.

The selfie has exploded over the internet and social networking sites. People who weren’t taking selfies before the word entered the Oxford English Dictionary, afterwards jumped on the bandwagon and began taking more photos of themselves alone and with others.

Fast and loose photos have been around for ages. The word snapshot entered our everyday language long before the selfie– sometime after Kodak introduced the Brownie camera in the early 1900’s. The Brownie was the dawn of photography by amateurs – unstaged, no make-up, raw and unpolished. It’s the realm of quick photos of family parties and vacation memories. It never became the standard of graduation photographs, weddings, or business photos. Doesn’t it sound awkward to say you’re putting a snapshot on your business profile? Something just not right about that!

It was the advent of the front facing camera on smart phones that seems to have launched the self portrait fad. Just because we can–  doesn’t mean we should.

Remember that notable image of President Obama with the Prime Minister of Great Britain and the Danish Prime Minister when they took a selfie at Mandela’s funeral? Sorry, you’re not recalling the selfie image? Of course not. You’re remembering the photograph taken of the event by a professional photographer, Roberto Schmidt, with years of camera experience and expensive equipment.  It’s the man outside the photo who made the impact.

I’m going to encourage the web development clients I work with and  other businesses to continue to look professional. A professional photographer can bring to your project experience and polish that you won’t get when snapping photos from your smart phone. Look outward because that’s the way others see you.

Using Eye-Catching Photos from Flickr on Your WordPress Blog

flickrBloggers learn pretty quick that a photo added to a blog post can draw in readers. But can you do when you don’t have a photo to illustrate your post? The recommendation that I give clients is to borrow photos from other websites. Never take a photo without the owner’s permission, but of the millions of users of Flickr there are photographers who lend their photos for sharing. Continue reading “Using Eye-Catching Photos from Flickr on Your WordPress Blog”