Flash: Is It the Web’s Invisibility Cloak?

Harry Potter and that cute little Invisibility Cloak! Wouldn’t it be fun to throw a blanket over your head and carry out your activities unseen? That’s fine in novels, however exposure is the key reason to have a business website.

So what’s the big deal about Flash? Can it really make a website as invisible as Harry at Hogwarts?

Flash is a fabulous program used to create interactive websites. It uses Action Script to animate images, navigation buttons and make a website more interesting. I’m not anti-Flash. I use it.

The hitch is when Flash is used extensively in a website that you want to be seen by all. Some computers don’t have Flash or the means to upload a Flash reader. Even more frustrating are the hi-tech, cutting edge hand held devices (like the iPhone) that don’t use Flash.

Johnson and Johnson, you probably know them as the baby shampoo company, use Flash on their site. Here’s what you see if you have a Flash reader.

With a wave of a magic wand or the purchase of a hi-end handheld device…this is what you see. Mostly a blank screen.

Design to Spec recommends Flash, but recommends it be used sparingly and with HTML substitutions in order for your website… your entire website!… to be seen by the most users.

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