GoDaddy Went Down and Came Back Up was down for 4 hours yesterday. This was headline news because GoDaddy hosts more than 5 million small business website and may even be your hosting company. There has been speculation thorough out social websites that the outage was due to a hacking attack by the group “Anonymous.” Their involvement has yet to be confirmed, however small businesses found they were without their website and if using an email address that includes their URL, they were also with email.

No one likes to be hacked. With the new breed of hackers the larger the hosting company, the larger the target. The goal of the hacker is to do as much damage as possible. However, the inverse is that the larger the hosting company the more they spend to prevent hacking, the more resources they have to get their system and your website working again, and the more likely they can continue with “business as usual.” I heard some very good news yesterday from a client who uses GoDaddy– they called GoDaddy (like probably 5 million other people!) and they were able to speak with a representative.

Today I received an email that purports to be from the Chamber of Commerce suggesting other hosting alternatives. I’d like to urge clients who have selected GoDaddy not to make a rush to change hosts. You will incur a cost, your website will be again out of commission while it is transferred to a new hosting company, and and transferring to another hosting company will not eliminate the possibility of a future hacking attack.

You may already know, I don’t sell web hosting. I’m an independent consultant. If you’re unhappy with your hosting and would like to move to a hosting company I can recommend other hosts and help you move your website. Before you move you may like my blog post 5 STEPS TO VET A WEBSITE HOSTING SERVICE