Icon Recognition vs Interactive Links – The Thought Behind Buttons You Can’t Click

social media icon recognition

One of my pet peeves are graphics that look like buttons, but do nothing.  I think of the poor web user punching away at them with their mouse and getting no where. But what about graphics that look like buttons on a box? Well, that’s not nearly as annoying as it sounds.

Yes, I’m torn. Part of me looks at a box with social media icons and I cringe because it violates the rule, “Get them to a destination with the least number of clicks.”  I would really like to see social media icons in print next to a web address that takes me to a page with the icons prominently displayed so I can start an online experience– clicking from a website is a few steps less than going to a social media site online or through an app and typing in a search for a business.

However, these “dead” icons are more of a comment on icon recognition–how recognizable they have become as “logos” for social media sites. They are simple. They are immediately recognized for the sites that they represent. Even the youngest kids know what they are. They are as recognizable as… well, the Nabisco triangle. They announce we’re on social media.

I found the Nilla Wafers page on Facebook (https://facebook.com/nillawafers/). Nilla ain’t my thing but chocolate is so I had to experiment with a chocolate version of their no bake cakes. Sweet!

Bottom line: social media icons are brand recognition.

Nilla wafer chocolate petite fours