Hasta La Vista Google+

In December 2018 Google announced that they were shutting down their social media platform Google+. Their official explanation cites “low usage” as a key factor in pulling the plug. So heads up… if you’ve been using Google+ and link to it on your website it’s time to remove any buttons or links. Google is removing all content so those buttons will shortly be only going to error screens!

Tired of the Ring of Those Google Plus Local Listing Calls?


Is your phone ringing off the hook with those calls that begin “Our records show you have not updated your free Google (business) listing.” Ugh! Please be aware that they may hint at being Google, but it’s highly unlikely that Google would be calling you.

I’ve experienced and have heard complaints that the calls are annoying because of their frequency. They’re also hard to pin down– they use multiple phone numbers from various states. If you do business in multiple states, even with caller ID, you may be tempted to answer the call from an out of state location.

If you have call blocking you can try blocking them. The use of multiple phone numbers makes it hard to block… block one number and they’ll only use a different number.

Are they selling? Are they phishing? Are they scamming? Who knows! My gut feeling is when someone goes out of their way to “hint” that they are someone else and go to great lengths to disguise their phone number– well, it just feels like they’re up to no good so I’m not interested in what’s behind the mask.

The one thing they do that I think is really vile. They pray upon the fear of business owners that they are missing out on a key piece of marketing on the Internet, or perhaps their website won’t perform well in Google searches. When website owners hear “Google” mentioned they freak out because they know the importance of being found in the search engines.

Take a deep breath. You’re not missing out. Engaging with these callers will not enhance your Internet presence.