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3 Internet Offers You Really Should Refuse

The snow has melted, the birds are singing, and all the Internet cons are active. This week I’ve heard from clients who’ve received snail-mail and email solicitations. Just so you know, I also get these offers. Without mentioning names, lets

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It’s All True If It’s On .NET Websites?

Kids bring home from school the darnedest things. This past week my child came home talking about their technology class. They mentioned that “Everything on a .net website is true.” Whaaaat? I had to sit them down to explain where .net

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Suggestions for Closing Down A Website

I was recently asked by a website owner if they should just give up their domain name when they are ready to close down one website and start a new one. They called their domain registrar who told them to

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Emails Threaten Your Domain Branding At Risk

The latest hard sale (or is it a scam?) comes from China and it may already be sitting in your email box. The email claims that a company is applying in China to use your brand name, which happens to

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