WordPress Training CT

One Hour WordPress Training

If you’ve Googled for an 800 number for WordPress or you may already be looking for live help with your WordPress website… you’re already looking for WordPress Training!

Have you started using WordPress and can’t figure out how it all works?

When you think of using WordPress, is learning a new program just too exhausting?

Does blogging about your business feel like a chore?

These are all real reasons you aren’t using WordPress to its potential and they are the reason to reserve time for WordPress training. If you’re tired of reading your competition’s website or fumbling around WordPress trying to teach yourself, you’re ready for help from the one-on-one WordPress trainer who will get you on the road to writing your own blog!

What Are the Benefits of WordPress Training?

Training will empower you to make the most of your WordPress blog or website and help shift your experience to be more relaxed, and fun!

Here are some additional benefits:

  • Remove excuses that hold you back
  • Get feedback from an impartial observer who can teach you new habits
  • Get up-to-date support from a professional who knows the ropes!
  • The end result… you’ll update your website and BLOG MORE FREQUENTLY

Get Live WordPress Training

One to One Hour: This is a live blog coaching session. We can start as simple as a beginner’s tour of the WordPress dashboard or a customized call to help your through what’s got your stuck in blogging.

Training FAQ’s

Q. Do I have to travel to a CT location to get WordPress Training?
A. Training is done by phone, in front of your computer, and on your own website.

Q. Why do you offer one-hour training?
A. First, it’s nice to know what to expect.  WordPress is a user-friendly program and you shouldn’t have to commit to a lengthy training program to get started posting to your blog, adding images and videos, or updating web pages. “I’ve trained scores of business people to use their WordPress websites and I can show you how to get started.” — Vanessa

Q. What if I need more help than just getting started?
A. Contact Design to Spec — we’re happy to build a custom training program for you!

Q. HELP! I can’t figure out what my designer built into my site!!!
A. Not really a question, but we hear this sometimes.  We’ve seen all kinds of WordPress sites and structures.  Just ask Design to Spec and we’ll let you know what’s going on and how to update the site.

One hour is all you need to get started using WordPress. Contact Design to Spec by email or call 203-364-4030