Update Your Site

WordPress Updates

There are updates like adding a post, a page, new text or an image. Most WordPress users find that they can do these.

Google and the search engines have put the onus on WordPress owners to make two larger updates that will assist their placement in the search engines, and boost user’s confidence when visiting the site.

Adding An SSL Certificate

An SSL site changes the site’s web address from HTTP to HTTPS, signaling the user they are using a secure site. Google, FireFox and other browsers now show security status. Read More

Updating to a Responsive Theme

Mobile Friendly Responsive Themes mean your website will adjust to multiple screen sizes and work better on smaller devices like phones. Read More

Fresh Graphics

There are times when you just don’t want to make a big move but know you need to change. Maybe you have a new logo or you’ve changed the font in your e-newsletter. Design to Spec can make your branding consistent with a graphics update on your website. Read More


Have you pooped out on your blog? Has it been ages since you’ve posted? Take a training session with Design to Spec to get reacquainted with WordPress and start blogging again. Read More

Online Sales

When you you’re ready to start selling online Design to Spec can add e-commerce to¬† your WordPress site.

Move Your Site

Yearning for a new relationship with a hosting company? Design to Spec can move your WordPress site to a new server.

Broken WordPress Sites

Unsure what happened to your slideshow, images, pages, etc.? We can find out and fix it.