The Top 5 Reasons Mobile Friendly Websites Really Generate More Leads

design-to-spec-mobile-friendlyDesign to Spec wants you know why converting to mobile friendly websites is a must because it’s a significant step toward greater lead generation. Mobile ready websites (ie Responsive Websites) can draw more quality visitors to your website and convert visitors into more leads.  It all boils down to 5 simple facts.

#5 Mobile Friendly For Phones

Your web visitors are using phones and pads to view your site. The movement to smart phones has not slowed down. Apple reported record 4th quarter sales at the end of 2015, stating “The growth was fueled by record fourth quarter sales of iPhone®” Having the ability to search the web on-the-go is convenient and won’t go away. If you aren’t serving up your website in a format that works with ease on the devices people are using then you are missing out an overwhelming portion of web users.

#4 Mobile Friendly For Phone Contacts

You’ll generate more leads when your phone number is easy to use on phones and pads. Have you ever had to hunt for a phone number on a website while on your phone? Remember how easy it is to call someone from a website where the phone is easy to find and easy to click to make the call? Make it easy and more people will call you.

#3 Mobile Friendly For Opt-In Boxes

You’ll generate more leads when your opt-in box is easy to use on phones and pads. If you’re building a mailing list through your website then you want it to be as easy as possible for visitors to opt-in or sign-up on your forms. Have you ever tried to complete a teeny form that didn’t re-size to a phone? Make is easy and you’ll get more leads.

#2 The Competition is Mobile Friendly, And Smart Phone Users Know It

Your competitors have the edge. Your competitors may have heeded Google’s announcement and moved to mobile ready sites.  And going forward, new businesses are starting off with a clear advantage– a mobile friendly, responsive website. Remember, the web is about choice and people will choose the website easiest to use when on their smart phone. Google now identifies whether a site is “Mobile Friendly” right in the search results so users aren’t going to click to see if a sight is or isn’t — they know even before they enter a site.  And it’s not just Google– Bing the #2 search engine also makes this designation in their results.

#1 Mobile Friendly For SEO

SEO is the bottom line. Google will likely rank your site higher and therefore display it higher up in the search results.  Analytics showed more traffic on mobile friendly sites and more users staying to explore multiple pages (see Mobile Friendly Shows Increase in Site Traffic). Both Google and Bing have said that mobile websites count toward ranking however good content will also weigh heavily.  Content will always be “king” however mobile readiness is now a deciding factor that may help move your website higher up in the results and above the competition.

I’m recommending to my WordPress clients that they make the move to a responsive theme to be mobile ready and Design to Spec is continuing to take on new clients who have older WordPress and even HTML sites who want to improve how they are found online.

Vanessa Wood

I'm Vanessa Wood. I was an early adopter of WordPress and continue to build beautiful WordPress websites in CT. I'm working directly with clients and through marketing agencies to create new highly customized, business WordPress websites. I knit while I'm on hold and listen to punk rock.

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