I Love the Freedom of Blogging


Yesterday I was seeing Tweets that protested actress Rose McGowan who had her Twitter account frozen due to posting a private number. I saw that the action had happened in a tweet from Variety. Then there were new tweets that cast the “freeze” in a political light (comparing her actions to the President’s sometimes loose tweets). About the time I got off the Internet for the night there was an organized Twitter protest– women were going silent on Twitter (some of them have huge followings).

All of these pieces are fascinating demonstrations of freedom. The press tweeted. People complained about their president. A protest. And even the freedom to censure (Twitter is a public company).

A retweet from Matt Mullenweg, the developer of WordPress, caught my eye. I’ve posted the screen shot, but the best quote is “If you want freedom, use the open web.” YES! Blogging is your voice. It’s your forum to say what you want in as many words as you want. You speak to a handful or to millions. You make the choice how how it stays on your site. No need to wait for an editor’s approval or a deadline. You are your own press. That’s why I believe in the power of blogging.

I 8th grade I had an amazing teacher who taught American Government. He explained that freedom is never complete freedom. Freedom ends where it effects another person’s freedoms. He used to swing his arms around wildly demonstrating that was his freedom until he got too close to some and punched them in the nose! So blogging is freedom until you violate the conditions of your shared hosting account or libel someone in a post.

Go forth and be free! Blog!


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Love WordPress For Images — It’s Easier For You!

love wordpress for imagesUsing images online is easier than ever… you should love WordPress for images.

Q. What size image do I need for my WordPress blog?

A. The Internet displays photos and images at a lower resolution than you would need for printing.  Back in the days before WordPress an image would have to be resized  from 300 dpi to 72 dpi before it could be displayed on a website. This meant that Photoshop or another program was needed to alter an image. Today with WordPress you won’t need to resize your photos. Simply upload images from your computer desktop, a thumb-drive, and even your your smart phone!

Downside of Mobile Friendly WordPress Plugin

I’ve been asked again about adding a Mobile Friendly WordPress Plugin is a good solution for the new Google requirements. It’s likely that if you have a customized WordPress theme, a responsive plugin will not produce satisfactory results. This post will show some examples.

Using a Mobile Friendly WordPress Plugin

I took some screen shots of a live website on an iphone (I’ve wiped out the identifying features). Although Google doesn’t recognize this as a “mobile friendly” site, it’s still attractive on a smart phone, and attractive is what most website owners want.

before Mobile Friendly WordPress Plugin

Adding a Mobile Friendly WordPress Plugin will make a site compliant with Google’s guidelines for responsive website design. HOWEVER, it’s likely you won’t be happy with the results. The plugin itself needs styling, other plugins in use may not be responsive and will have to be deleted and new ones installed that aren’t in conflict with the mobile friendly plugin, and then reconfigured.

using a Mobile Friendly WordPress Plugin

You’ll notice too that some of the things you’d expect to see on your site have disappeared. Little things? Well, how about your logo?

More Plugin Problems

Another site shows how dramatically your custom formatting and some pretty important stuff can disappear. Let’s start with a “before” plugin screen shot. I’ve added a big orange arrow to show placement of a Google ad under the site logo and menu.


And now for the “after” plugin screen shot. Ugh! No more logo. The mobile friendly plugin adds some of it’s own design elements that need to be reconfigured… mint green bar, gray background that makes images with white backgrounds look like a cheap paste job. Remember the big orange arrow? Yup, the Google ad drops off the site! If your site earns revenue from ads this can be a disaster.

photo 2

I know the idea of a web redesign can be a big fat pain. However, I’m recommending to clients with highly customized WordPress websites that they consider moving to a truly responsive them rather than adding a plugin. With WordPress, your content is already created and stored in the database so you aren’t having to re-write and start from scratch. Contact me at Design to Spec for customized mobile friendly, responsive website design themes that can look a lot like your current WordPress site.